We Repair Problems,
We Maintain Solutions

24/7 Repair services of marine jobs in general and in afloat conditions. Dry docks of ships, hull's vessels painting and vessel's recycling.


Machine Shop

Manufacturing, repairing, or modifying parts and components used in vessels, such as shafts, propellers, pins, gears, and other machinery and systems elements.

Naval Mechanics

Inspection of engines, transmissions, propulsion systems, hydraulic systems, cooling systems, among others.

Naval Welding

This service is essential to maintain the structural integrity and safety of vessels and maritime structures.

Commercial Diving

This service is essential for the maintenance and repairs of ships

Ship Breaking

Inspections and Acquisition of vessels for the recycling industry. Our facility can accommodate up to 8 vessels at the same time

About Us

J.A.M Marine Dockyard, Veracruz-panama, cataloged as one of the most complete shipyards nationwide, reopens its doors in 2021, at the date we have served: barges, tankers, bulk carriers, containers vessels, supply vessel, ferries, tugboats, etc.

Our Work

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